Coming Soon: Imam Nawawi's ¬d‚b Al-`Alim Wal-Muta`allim Wal-Mufti Wal-Mustafti
¬d‚b Al-`Alim Wal-Muta`allim Wal-Mufti Wal-Mustafti Wa Fadlu Talib Al-`Ilm is the introduction contained in the book titled Al-Majmuí written by Imam An-Nawawi (d. 676/1277); one of Islamís greatest Imams. The acquiring of sacred knowledge is a lofty and noble task. It is for this reason, seekers of knowledge must know that sacred knowledge is taught by and granted to only those who show the correct disposition. Indeed, to be grated the ability to acquire knowledge is a sign of Allahís favor.

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